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What you can do with Airtable and Sequin

Supercharge internal ops

Go way beyond automations and Zapier. Use your database to roll Lambdas, workflows, and scripts with your Airtable data.

Build apps fast

With the power of Postgres paired with the flexibility of Airtable, you can prototype, and build complete apps and websites ridiculously fast.

Power BI & Analytics

Use SQL to uncover the metrics and reports hiding across your tables and bases.

How it works



Enter your Airtable API key into the Sequin console. Then choose the base you want to sync. You can select to automatically sync all your tables, or select just the tables you need in your database.



Behind the scenes, we'll create a Postgres database for you and sync your entire Airtable base to it. All your Airtable tables will become Postgres tables. Every change in your Airtable base will be reflected in your Postgres database.



Connect to your database and start building with SQL. You can connect your Sequin Postgres database to your any SQL client including Google Data Studio, PowerBI, Retool, and pg. We'll keep everything in sync.

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Airtable works like a spreadsheet but gives you the power of a database to organize anything. Since anyone can use Airtable, its quickly become the defacto, low-code database. But as a developer, you'll want to access Airtable as proper database. With Sequin you can integrate Airtable into the entire Postgres ecosystem, painlessly query, and scale your data.

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Production-grade sync

Make Airtable the reliable database you've always needed it to be, but never had the time to build.

Automatic migrations

As you add, delete, and change your tables and fields in Airtable, your Sequin database migrates in step.

Smart typing

Your Airtable data is intelligently mapped to its corresponding Postgres data type.


Sequin is precisely tuned to Airtable's API, from managing its quota to handling errors.

Skip the API

Stop fussing with pagination, filtering, and 100-record limits. Say goodbye to filterBy. Instead of sipping from a data straw, connect to the reservoir with a Sequin database.

Plug into Postgres

Sequin provisions you a replica Postgres database hosted on AWS or we can sync directly to a database you host. Connect to all your data from any standard SQL client. Use VIEWS, extensions, and more to work with your data.

Best of both worlds

Continue to use all the amazing capabilities made possible by Airtable! From forms, to apps, to automations, to kanbans and more. We'll maintain the sync as your data changes. Everyone is happy.

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