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No more polling, webhooks, query parameters, or HTTP errors. Sequin syncs data between APIs and Postgres so you can ship that feature in the next hour.

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Do your entire integration in Postgres

HTTP APIs are bespoke, limited, and clumsy. Skip them by connecting objects and fields from APIs like Salesforce or Stripe to tables and columns in your database.

Updates in your database sync to the API. And updates in the API sync to your database. Spend time assembling your integration, not reading docs or querying API endpoints.

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Select the API

Choose the API you're integrating from our catalog. We're adding more sources regularly.

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Map your data

Select the tables you want to sync. Rename columns. Add more data to your sync at any time.


Connect your database

Sync directly to your production database. Or try a hosted demo database to take Sequin for a spin.

No limits

With your API data in your database, there’s no limit to how you query it. No need to worry about optimizing HTTP API calls, caching, background workers, or building a throttle to avoid rate limits. Just read from and write to your database and let Sequin manage the hard stuff.

Reading from and writing to your database is at least 100x faster than an HTTP API. Your users will notice.

A sync that never sleeps

Sequin is always syncing so there's never more than a minute or so of drift between the API and your database.

We batch requests to use your API quota as efficiently as possible. We use sophisticated change detection strategies to make sure we never miss anything, custom-built for each API we support. And we monitor your sync for anomalies, like unexpected HTTP responses or data from the API.

Use your ORM

Every API has a proprietary query language and pagination strategy. And their own quirks: odd datetime formats, strange error codes, and a complicated rate limit policy.

Skip all that and use what you already know: SQL. Say hello to your old pals JOIN WHERE , and UPDATE. Use your favorite ORM. Work with your API data just like you work with your internal data.

1const tryFetch = () => try {
2 const res = await fetch("",
    headers: {
      Authorization: "Basic Fuieh23YansaEFAuXha"
      "Content-Type": "application text/json"
      "Accept": "application text/json"
    method: "POST",
    body: JSON.stringify({
      customer: "cus_TUJiqxHeTUHRh6Xz"
const data = await res.body.json()
if (data.ok)
  return data
  throw new Error("")
20} catch (error) {
  if (error.status === 429) {
    // rate-limited need to retry fetching
    return await tryFetch()
Without Sequin
1await prisma.invoices.findMany({
  where: {
    customer_id: "cus_TUJiqxHeTUHRh6Xz"
With Sequin

Unleash your API data

With all your API data accessible in your database, you can leverage it in completely new ways.

Integrate faster

Combine your API and production data to create better experiences from onboarding to support.

Supercharge ops

Make your CRM a source of truth as teams make changes in custom internal tools and workflows.

Real-time analytics

Connect your API data to BI tools to build dashboards and metrics that update as deals change.

Upgrade your tools

Retool. Supabase. Hasura. If it supports Postgres, Sequin makes it work with your integration.

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"Sequin changes the way we work with our SaaS data. It's a data access pattern we're going to expand across On Deck."

Stef Lewandowski

Senior Software Engineer, On Deck

"Sequin has made working with our Airtable data much faster. Taking us from hundreds of lines of Python down to one SQL query that returns the data exactly as we need it."

Matt Caruso

Automation Engineer, Vimeo

"We’re super happy with Sequin. We’ve been raving about it across the company. In fact, we’re trying to calculate how much time this has saved us all."

Dominique Festa

Operations & Data Manager, HearstLab